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ELEVA works with major national and international partners to bring the best fertilizers on the market to Brazilian soils.

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ELEVA values ​​the result of each client, so we work with the best carriers and logistics companies in Brazil and guarantee safety and speed in each delivery.

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Technology in the field

Eleva Química

Eleva Química began its trajectory with a wide range of operations in the high-quality chemicals segment. Through partnerships with international petrochemical companies and other N, P and K producers, we import top-level fertilizers to the domestic market.

This commercial relationship provided new opportunities, allowing us to also operate in the export of corn to several countries in Europe and the Middle East. That is why we are proud to realize that these actions have a direct impact on the competitiveness of Brazilian agribusiness.

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Eleva Química

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7 Millions

Tons of ureia imported

1,5 Millions

Tons of other imported fertilizers

3 Millions

Tons of grain exported


From the national market in the import of Urea